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Discover the revolutionary Nano pro video camera batteries and power hub. Laptop and camera plugged into FXLION Multi Voltage DC Power HUB

Ultra Compact.

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Learn More With CityTek's range of Lightstar LED lighting.


Slide CityTek Hero Image - Fxlion battery mounted on large production camera


High Power V-Mount Battery Shop
Slide FXLION Nano One Ultra Compact 50Wh V-Mount Battery Powers Everything

Ultra Compact

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Why CityTek?

Competitive pricing

We understand your production’s budget matters, that’s why our goal at CityTek is to deliver outstanding value on a range of pro video camera batteries, chargers, LED studio lighting equipment and much more.

Technical innovation

We stay up-to-date and integrate cutting-edge technologies from top brands such as Fxlion, Aladdin & Lightstar, working closely with our innovative partners to bring the the latest and greatest tech to the US and Canada.

Reliable, dependable equipment

From batteries for cameras, monitors, and lights to LED products for filmmakers and videographers, you can always depend on our range of world class production equipment to get the job done.


We’re here not only for business but also for our passion. That’s why, whether you’re looking for a portable power solution or flexible LED studio lighting, CityTek’s team of advisors can help you find the right equipment.

Strong customer support

As a customer, you are always taken care of and protected because your trust is invaluable to us. We want to build longstanding and evergreen relationships with all customers who choose CityTek.

CityTek Blog

Fxlion Sky Three – Power Big Lights on Location With The 48V Power Adapter

Power hungry high output LED lights often require 48V DC/25A of power. A portable power solution, therefore, requires more brain and brawn than a single V-Mount battery can offer. That’s

Lightstar LUXED-12 Bi-Color LED 2160W

The Lightstar LUXED-12 is the strongest of all LUXED bi-color high output LED spotlights. The color temperature can easily be adjusted continuously between 2800K-6500K and dimming is adjustable from 0-100%.

14.8V/26V Bi-Voltage Charger

2-channel simultaneously charging. Compact in size, easy to carry in bag, ideal for travel. Adapted to various charging environments. FX-FX4S7S2D Auto Identify 14.8V/26V Bi-Voltages Battery Charger 2 channel simultaneously charging.  Compact

NANO Power Hub

The NANO Power Hub NHUB01 allows powering different equipment with one hub that you can power from different inputs. • 14.8V/12V/7.4V/5.0V multi voltages all equipped in NANOHUB, professional and more

Battery Guide

Quickly find the right battery for your camera.

NANO Battery

Discover the ultra-compact V-Mount Battery.

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“As a solopreneur, my lighting and batteries need to be the best. I trust NANO and SKY POWER to deliver and they do. I love the intuitive handling and the fact that they feature options that users can really relate to. Great customer service and website.”

Mike Manley

Marketing Director,

“We needed a solid-state solution for our battery storage and CityTek delivered. Most of our work is travel-related and we need power on demand. We took the Universal DV Battery Charger and it saved our field production. Products are superb. Just what we needed.”

Melissa McGraw

Equipment Specifier, Malcalmme

“Thank you CityTek. Excellent quality. Perfect integration. The All in One Kit with LED Panel, Frame and Diffuser has made all the difference in our production time and quality.”

Amanda Lee

CEO and Founder, CRIX

“We received the equipment on time and we have integrated it into our line up. The Square Battery, the v-lock charger and the Dual-channel V mount chargers all work perfectly. Thanks”

Adam Chiese

Head of Sales, Intel

“CityTek products work as specified. They are of high quality and cover all our needs in performance. LED lighting is essential in our broadcast and video department and we find the lithium-ion battery solutions are ideal for our needs.”

Jason Dowe

Mechanical Manager, Zebra Corp

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