Power Big Lights on Location - Fxlion Sky Three 48V Power Adapter
Fxlion Sky Three with 4 V-Mount batteries attached

Fxlion Sky Three – Power Big Lights on Location With The 48V Power Adapter

Power hungry high output LED lights often require 48V DC/25A of power. A portable power solution, therefore, requires more brain and brawn than a single V-Mount battery can offer. That’s where the Fxlion Sky Three 48V Power Adapter steps in.

Introducing the Fxlion Sky Three – a portable 48V high power adapter for LED lights. Using either four 14.8V V-Mount batteries, which can power LED lights up to 48V/720W, or four 26V V-Mount batteries for lighting fixtures up to 48V/1000W, the Sky Three auto-identifies the incoming voltage of your batteries and provides an output that, depending on attached V-Mount batteries, will be suitable for most 1000W and under LED lights on the market. Note you can not  mix 14.8V & 26V batteries with this device.

Moreover, aside from its considerable power offering, the Sky Three is more than able to meet the demands of location shooting. At 17.8 x 16.2 x 18.1cm it’s compact in size. It also has rubber corners protecting it and third-party surfaces from harm. There’s also a steel wire rope provided so you can either hang the SKY THREE on a stand or mount it directly to a light fixture.

So whether you’re on location with an Arri Orbiter (48V/500W) or a Lightstar Luxed 4 (48V/720W), the Fxlion Sky Three is the perfect power companion for all your big lights.

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DC- Input: 14.8V x 4 (batteries) / 26V x 4 (batteries). DC-Output: 48V / 750W (with 4 x 14.8V batteries), 48V / 1000W (with 4 x 26V batteries). Dimensions: 178(L)mm162(W)mm181(H)mm. Weight: 2260g