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Aladdin MOSAIC 2×4 350W RGBWW


– 350W RGBWW: the MOSAIC-LITES offer new panel sizes you have never seen before from Aladdin Lights.
– RGB panels have a CRI and TLCI over 95
– Adjustable from your phone using bluetooth connection and the free Aladdin app right
– Innovative foldable design offers endless mounting options
– Made for high-end film and photography productions.

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Aladdin MOSAIC 2×4 350W RGBWW


The new Aladdin MOSAIC-LITES are the result of years of customer feedback and engineering to develop the perfect flexible LED panel.

All MOSAIC-LITES are RGB panels, which have a CRI and TLCI over 95, and offer bluetooth connection so you can adjust them using your phone and the free Aladdin app. The MOSAIC plug connection allows you to use gear like the MOSAIC Wired Dimmer (M-WDIM). The dimmer with display offers you physical dialling, a DMX port and built-in Lumenradio. For each MOSAIC size there is a fitting frame with softbox and grid, with more additional accessories expected later this year.

For the MOSAIC-LITES, Aladdin are introducing the fast changeable LED compounds. They allow you to replace small LED parts on your panel without replacing the whole panel, give you the option to either get fixed by an Aladdin certified dealer or do it by yourself. Aladdin will be providing step by step tutorial video on how to change the LED compounds at home.

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Light Source

Super high CRI Power LED’s 350W RGBWW


CRI 95 / TLCI 95

Color Temperature

2750°K – 6290°K

Beam Angle



55cm x 110 cm


AC/DC 100-240V / 48V


DMX / LumenRadio / Bluetooth