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Fxlion 620Wh 28V Li-ion Mega Battery


Key features

  • For High-Power LED Lights up to 400W+
  • 620Wh Li-Ion Battery
  • Three Simultaneous Power Outputs
  • 1 x 4-Pin XLR & 2 x 3-Pin XLR Out
  • Output 28V/40A(Max)
  • Intelligent PCB for Battery Protection
  • 5-Level LED Power Indicator
  • 5-Hour Charge Time
  • 3-Pin XLR Input for Included Charger

SKU: FX-FXHP7224 | Mfr# : FX-HP-7224




Mega power for strong lights with the new Mega Battery from FXLion. 620Wh capacity, 48 V / 24 V and 15 V outputs leave various options for supplying lights and other devices open. The battery is available in two versions: the 48V / 620Wh and 28V / 620Wh. With batteries there have always been problems with the “memory effect” which meant that the battery could store less power over time. The Mega Battery from FXLion, a small technical masterpiece, has the ability to bypass this “memory effect” and can be charged and discharged normally.

LED lights of 400 W and more can now be easily supplied with power on the set. The battery can even be used at approx. 60% at temperatures below – 30 ° C. At 8 kg, the battery is just within a portable range for mobile applications.


  • We offer customize service for different capacity and voltage. Different DC output can be customized according to customer’s need. 730Wh,1250wh higher capacity battery can be customized.
  • Max current 40A for each 28V output
  • Two 28V outputs can work at same time.
  • Fit for 100W /200W /400W and above high power LED lights, film lights and 15V/28V gears.
  • Trustworthy professional factory, 20 years experience of manufacturing li-ion battery in broadcast industry.
  • Own-design inside circuit board,quality controllable.
  • Reliable cooperator of you!
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Type FX-FXHP7224
Capacity 24Ah /620Wh
Output 1/Output 2  28V/40A(MAX)
Output 3 15V/8A(MAX)
Charging time PL-7115   ~5H
Dimension/Weight 221.5(L)mm×152(W)mm×174(H)mm
Weight 7500g