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FXLION High Power Battery Customizing


High power battery/Li-ion battery customizing.


High power battery/Li-ion battery customize

  • Based on the rich experience and refined technology in Li-ion battery design and manufacturing, Fxlion caters to the unique demands of clients with Li-ion battery customize service.
  • Fxlion is experienced in manufacturing Li-ion battery of 1000Ah and under. The services involved in the fields of film lighting, electric tools, electric vehicles as well as mobile power sources.
  • The range of voltage of Li-ion batteries: 7.4V/12V/14.8V/25.9V/37V/60V etc…
  • Customize Li-ion cell combinations and overall solutions for battery making are available.
  • Rich experience of customizing li-ion battery with Electric Vehicle high rate cells,80AH/2200WH,160AH/4400WH applicable in Military Industry and Telecommunications Industry.


  • Trustworthy professional factory, 20 years experience of manufacturing li-ion battery in broadcast industry.
  • Own-design inside circuit board,quality controllable.
  • Reliable cooperator of you!


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