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Lightstar LUXED P12 1920W LED LIGHT


– The Lightstar LUXED-P12 is a RGBWW high output LED spotlight
– It can be controlled over the dimmer, DMX, lumenradio and the free Lightstar app
– Power your Lightstar LUXED directly from a household socket
– Expect 1920W of RGBWW light that will bring your set to life with high-quality light and vibrant colors
– All LUXED lights are rugged and can be mounted almost anywhere



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Lightstar LUXED P12 1920W LED LIGHT

There’s no limit with the LUXED-P12. Offering 16’000 lux at a 3 meter distance (3200K), this light will get to job done. Each of the 12 spotlights can be controlled and adjusted separately by DMX, LumenRadio and the free Lightstar app. Expect 1920W of RGBWW light with this powerhouse. Take on any challenge and make your set come alive with this high-quality light and vibrant colors. All of the LUXED lights are also ready for flicker free high-speed shooting, and accessories such as softbox, grid and travel case are available, giving you even more possibilities.

In the box:

  • 1x Lamphead LumenRadio
  • 1x Ballast
  • 1x Extension Cable 7m
  • 1x Power Cable
  • 1x Softbox Set
  • 1x Rainproof Cover


Optional accessories: Flightcase, Extension Cable 7m for sep. Ballast, Softbox Set, Grid for Softbox, Rainproof Cover, Diffusion for Softbox, Yoke Mount, Short Yoke Mount



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