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Ultra-Compact NANO Batteries (50Wh & 98Wh) 1

Probably the world’s smallest V-Mount battery. And it’s not just small – its powerful. With 50Wh up to 8 Amps working current and 98Wh up to 10Amps working current you can get a lot of power out of this little buddy. With one D-Tap output and lots of other USB outputs you never running out of possibilities to power your equipment. The best thing about it is the regulated USB-C output, that can charge your MacBook or any other USB-C compatible device on the go. At the moment there are two capacities available – a 50 Watthours and a 98 Watthours battery, called NANO-ONE and NANO-TWO. A LCD display shows you the remaining capacity and voltage as well as the voltage of USB and USB-C ports. These sockets are protected from dust and moisture by a rubber lid. There are some dedicated accessories around, like different plates – of course in the compact design of the NANO battery.

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